Preferred Marketing Programs

TOPS Learning Institute


Gain a Competitive Advantage & Increase Your Value to Your Healthcare Customers

101 - Course #1 - Knowing the Business of Healthcare

Gain a competitive advantage. Shut out your competition and increase your sales.

(Tops Learning Institute)

101 - Course #2 - Coaching - What I need most From Suppliers

Everything you ever wanted to know about what a Supply Chain Executive needs from you.

(Tim Marlette)

101-Course #3 - Value Analysis Selling Strategy

Gain Sales by Understanding how Hospitals use Value Analysis

(Tops Learning Institute)

101- Course #4 - Coaching - How Value Analysis Impacts You

Leverage the Value Analysis Process to Gain a Competitive Advantage.

(Tim Marlette)

101-Course #5 - Coaching - Navigatiting GPOs

Navigate GPOs successfully.

(Brent Johnson)

101- Course #6 - GPO Selling Strategy

Understand GPOs and How to Build an Effective Sales Strategy.

(Tops Learning Institute)

101- Course 7 - Coaching - GPO Selling Strategy

Foundational Insights for Greater Sales Success

(Tim Marlette)

101- Course #8 - Call Planning Strategy

Gain a Competitive Advantage With This Tool You Can Use Over and Over to go to New Levels of Sales.

(Tops Learning Institute)

201 - Course #1 - Coaching - Healthcare Sales Challenges

Why is it So Hard to Sell Inyo Healthcare?

(Brent Johnson)

201- Course #2 - Hospital Budget Selling Strategy

Gain a Competitive Advantege by Understanding Your Hospital's Budget

(Tops Learning Institute)

201 - Course #3 - Coaching - Budget Selling Strategy

Using Hospital Budgets to Your Advantage

(Tim Marlette)

201 - Course #4 - Moving From vendor to Collaborator Part 1

Leveraging Trust

(Michael Louviere)

201 - Course #5 - Moving From Vendor to Collaborator Part 2

Solving Healthcare's Biggest Challenges

(Michael Louviere)

301 - Course #1 -  Coaching - For Profit Vs. Non-Profit Hospitals

Knowing the Difference and Similarities

(Tim Marlette)

301 - Course #2 - Coaching - Selling Into Government Healthcare

Insights for Incredible Opportunity

(Gary Gustafson)

301 - Course #3 - Coaching - Maximizing the Quarterly Business

Taking Professional Relationships to New Levels

(Tim Marlette)